Auglaize County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

History of Auglaize County

St. Marys—Official Records.

The records were burnt some time in 1840, and it is impossible to give dates, as much valuable history was destroyed.


Stacey Taylor, 1836. S. Scott1856-58.
Henry Lloyd,   L. H. Heusch1859.
George Timmonds,   David Simpson,1860
William Hudson,   James Wilson1861.
J. J. Rickley,   G. W. McLaughlin,1862.
William Smith,   Frank Koehl,1863-64
A. H. Trimble, 1849-50. William Sawyer,1863-64.
C. W. Cowan, 1851. John S. Hickman1874-75.
Levi Hamaker, 1852. David Simpson,1876-77
William L. Smith, 1853. James Ennis,1880.
Donald Cameron, 1854. Theo. Nieberg,1880.
Henry M. Helm,1855.   


William L. Ross,1849. L. C. Sawyer,1864;
C. W. Cowan,1850. John McLain,1865-66.
Anthony Dieker,1851-52. Benjamin Kelsey,1867-69.
E. M. Phelps,1853-54. John McLain,1870-75.
G. W. McLaughlin,1855. Charles Hipp,1876.
A. Dieker,1856-57. R. S. Marshall,1877-78.
John Keller,1858-63. O. E. Dunan,1880.

The total number of votes cast in 1851 was 72; in 1861, 168; in 1880,366.

From "History of Auglaize County, Ohio, with the Indian History of Wapakoneta, and the First Settlement of the County", Robert Sutton, Publishers, Wapakoneta, 1880