Auglaize County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

History of Western Ohio and Auglaize County


The need of a reliable history of Auglaize County and the section of the state in which it is located has been recognized for many years. In presenting this volume to the people of Auglaize County the author feels that much matter of interest, has, of necessity, been omitted. The first half of the volume is devoted to the early history of Western Ohio. In this division of the work, the Indian occupation of Ohio is related at considerable length, and is followed by an account of the peopling of Western Ohio. The author feels that no apology need be offered for the full account given of the campaigns of Harmar, St. Clair, Wayne, Hull and Harrison. It is believed that the order in which they are presented will be of value to the student and general reader.

The military campaigns are followed by an extended history of the Shawnee Indians and the great Indian Treaties of Western Ohio.

The history of the county and townships has been written and compiled from the most authentic sources. The biographical history of the townships has claimed a great deal of attention, and has been collected at much expense and labor.

Whilst it is not pretended that the volume is free from errors and imperfections, the author has endeavored to procure all the facts detailed, or in any way, alluded to in its pages, from trustworthy sources.

The following authorities have been consulted in the preparation of this work: American Pioneer; Atwater's History of Ohio; Cist's Cincinnati Miscellany; Collin's Historical Sketches of Kentucky; Dillon's History of Indiana; Dawson's Life of Harrison; Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio; McClung's Western Adventure; McAfee's History of the War of 1812; J. M. Peck's Western Annals; S. P. Hildreth's Pioneer History; McBride's History of Hamilton County; Knapp's History of the Maumee Valley.


Wapakoneta, Ohio, December 1, 1905.

From "History of Western Ohio and Auglaize County with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Pioneers and Prominent Public Men" by C. W. Williamson, W.M. Linn, Pub, Columbus, 1905.