Auglaize County, Ohio

History and Genealogy

History of Auglaize County

Logan Township—Schools And Churches.

The pioneer church was erected upon the farm of N. A. Murdock, by the "Christians." This house is no longer used. The second is that of Buckland, chiefly used by the "Christian Union" order. The third is in the north part of the township, and belongs to the "United Brethren." The fourth is in the northwest, and is used by the "German Methodists." It is the only one supplied with a bell.

The township is divided into six sub-school districts, two east, and four west of the Auglaize. Each is supplied with a comfortable frame building well seated. The school property has cost something over $3000. The funds are divided equally among the districts without regard to enumeration. The Board of Education makes liberal provision for sustaining the schools at least seven months each year.

The teachers are generally young men and women who take interest in the advancement of the schools. Still they find it difficult to organize and advance beyond time-worn methods and exploded theories. This difficulty is not confined to this locality, but is only too general, and arises from inefficiency of boards, incompetency of teachers, and indifference of parents. The re-organizers of schools who will place them in advance, rather than abreast or behind the age, will be hailed as benefactors, for all eyes look wistfully and hopefully to the schools for the full development of the highest manhood and purest womanhood. This development is the foundation of our institutions and the school branch must be true to itself and its supporters.

From "History of Auglaize County, Ohio, with the Indian History of Wapakoneta, and the First Settlement of the County", Robert Sutton, Publishers, Wapakoneta, 1880