Auglaize County Cemetery Locations

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To help you locate the many cemeteries throughout Auglaize County, below is a map followed by a
location description for each cemetery.  The links to cemetery lists &  photos are all offsite. 
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CA-1 George Geyer - German Methodist Cemetery Within city limits of Geyer. Near Cherry Street and DT&I Rairoad CA-2 Geyer - Gardner - Kaiser Cemetery On Geyer Road. 5 miles South of St. Johns, 1 mile East of the village of Geyer CA-3 Mt. Tabor Cemetery On Gutman Road, 1/4 mile East of the village of Gutman CA-4 St. Mark's Lutheran Church Cemetery (AKA Geyer, AKA Helmlinger) Located on Geyer Rd. (207), 5 miles South of St. Johns, OH and 1 mile west of Geyer, OH. Cemetery is off of Geyer Drive (205).


DU-1 Bethel - Union Bethel Cemetery On County Road 25A between Buckland-Holden Road and Hengster Road DU-2 Conner - Gardner - Kaiser Cemetery 1000 feet off Hengster Road and 1500 feet off Town Line Road DU-3 Craft - Presar Cemetery On Town Line Road, 2 miles North of the village of Uniopolis DU-4 Crawford - Romshe Cemetery On St. Rt. 501 at Richie Road, 5 miles North of Wapak DU-5 Evergreen Cemetery On Silver Street at corner of North Water Street by railroad tracks in Wapak DU-6 Greenlawn Cemetery Off Cemetery Street Road on West side of Wapak DU-7 St. Josephs (New) Cemetery On County Road 33A , 2 miles Southeast of Wapak DU-8 St. Josephs (Old) Cemetery On Herb Street in Wapak DU-9 Presser - United Bethren in Christ Church Cemetery On Town Line Road, 1 1/2 miles South and 1 1/2 miles West of the village of Uniopolis DU-10 Reinhart Cemetery 500 feet off Town Line Road, between National and Sellers Roads DU-11 Stuevely - Two Mile - Wheeler On Wapak-Cridersville Road, between Wapak-Buckland Roadand Buckland-Holden Roads DU-12 Tam Cemetery On Town Line Road South of St. Rt. 67, North of Blackhoof Creek Road


GE-1 German Protestant - Lock Two Cemetery (New) On New Bremen and New Knoxville Road at Quellhorst Road GE-2 Memorial Park Cemetery (Old) West Second Street and Herman Street in the village of New Bremen GE-3 Plank Road Cemetery On St. Rt. 274, 1/2 mile West of New Bremen GE-4 Willow Grove Cemetery On New Knoxville and New Bremen Road, 3 1/2 miles North of New Bremen


GO-1 Hull Graveyard - Walnut Hill Cemetery On St. Rt. 385, 1 1/4 miles East of the village of New Hampshire


Egypt - St. Josephs Cemetery On St. Rt. 364 at Minster-Egypt Pike Roads, 3 miles West of Minster JA-2 Minster - St. Augustine Cemetery On Minster-Egypt Road in Minster


LO-1 Baker Jacob - Jacob Baker Cemetery On Kossuth-Buckland Road (St. Rt. 197)Northeast of the village of Buckland LO-2 Buckland Cemetery In the village of Buckland LO-3 Ft. Amanda Cemetery On St. Rt. 198, 3 1/2 miles North of Buckland LO-4 German Zion Cemetery On Eisley Road, between Burnfield Road and Kossuth-Amanda Road. 1 1/2 miles East of Kossuth


MO-1 Bailey - Green Bailey Cemetery On Rapp Road, 4 miles North and 1 1/2 miles West of the village of Moulton MO-2 Crow Cemetery On Buckland-River Road, 3 miles Southeast of the village of Buckland MO-3 Glynwood - St. Patrick - St. Thomas Cemetery On Glynwood and New Knoxville Road in Glynwood MO-4 Green - Luthern Cemetery South of County Road 33A, between Kettlersville and Bay Roads MO-5 Julian - Pusheta Cemetery On County Road 33A , 1 mile West of Wapak MO-6 Zion Cemetery On Kettlersville Road, 2 miles West and 1/4 mile South of Wapak


NO-1 Johns Cemetery 400 feet off St. Marys River Road, 3 miles North of St. Marys


PU-1 Catholic - Rupert - St. Peter Cemetery Off Kew Knoxville-Santa Fe Road at corner of Cemetery Road PU-2 Fryburg - St. Johns Catholic Cemetery On Fryburg Road in Northeast section of the village of Fryburg PU-3 Harruff - St. David Cemetery On US 33, 2 1/2 miles West of St. Johns,2 miles East of Wapak PU-4 Keller - St. Johns Luthern Cemetery
Off Cemetery Road, 1 mile South of US 33

PU-5 New St. Johns Lutheran - St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery On Pusheta Road at the corner of Cemetery Road PU-6 Old St. Johns Luthern Cemetery On Pusheta Road, West of Wapak-Freyburg Road PU-7 Schemmel Cemetery On County Road 25A, 4 miles South of Wapak PU-8 Scott - Shanahan Cemetery Intersection of St. Rt. 219 and Hardin Pike Road


ST-1 Benner Cemetery On Defiance Street in St. Marys ST-2 Catholic - Gethsemane - Old Catholic Cemetery
 On Plum Street and Lane Street near Canal Street in St. Marys

ST-3 Dowty Cemetery 300 feet off St. Rt. 66, 2 miles South of St. Marys ST-4 Elm Grove Cemetery On Greenville Road, at Southern edge of St. Marys ST-5 Elm View Cemetery On Greenville Road. Now incorporated with Elm Grove Cemetery ST-6 Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery On Main Street in St. Marys ST-7 Evergreen Cemetery On Greenville Road. Now incorporated with Elm Grove Cemetery ST-8 Gethsemane Cemetery Lake Ave, Web Street and Granville Road in St. Marys ST-9 Koop Cemetery On County Road 66A, 1/8 mile South of Koop Road ST-10 Murray - Nott Cemetery In Southeast part of St. Marys


SA-1 Calvary Methodist Cemetery Intersection of St. Rt. 197 and Maier Barber Road SA-2 Deep Cut - Mt. Union Cemetery Corner of Briggs and Deep Cut Roads, 3 miles South of the village of Kossuth SA-3 Kossuth Cemetery On St. Rt. 197 in Kossuth SA-4 New Salem Cemetery On St. Rt. 116 at Deepcut Road, 5 miles Northwest of Kossuth SA-5 Pratt Cemetery On St. Rt. 66, 1 1/2 miles South of Kossuth SA-6 Robbin Cemetery On St. Rt. 116 and Baker-Wright Roads 8 miles North of St. Marys


UN-1 Fairmont Cemetery On Fairmont Road, 3 1/2 miles West of Waynesfield UN-2 Lockhart Cemetery On St. Rt. 65 , 3 1/2 miles North of St. Johns UN-3 Mt. Lookout - Rinehart Cemetery Off St. Rt. 67 , 2 3/4 miles West of Waynesfield UN-4 St. Johns Cemetery On St. Rt. 65 in the village of St. Johns UN-5 Stiles Cemetery 1000 feet off Wrestle Creek Road, 800 feet off Allen County Line Road UN-6 Vaughn Cemetery On Fairmont Road, 1 mile North and 3 miles East of Uniopolis UN-7 Wesley Chapel Cemetery On Wrestle Creek Road South of Blank Pike Road


WA-1 Arnett Cemetery On Cook-Moulton New Knoxville Road between Washington Pike and Cloverleaf, 2 miles Southof Moulton WA-2 Burke Cemetery On Kohler Road, between Owl Creek and Burr Oak Roads WA-3 Dietz Cemetery Off Kettlersville Road between Washington Pike and County Road 33A WA-4 Evangelical Protestant Cemetery On St. Rt. 29 between Southland Road and the village of New Knoxville WA-5 First German Reformed Cemetery On South Street in the village of New Knoxville WA-6 Hittpole - Roberts Cemetery On Kohler Road between Headapohl and Burr Oak Roads WA-7 Hudson Cemetery 1000 feet off East Shelby Road, between St. Rt. 29 and Schultz Road WA-8 Kuntz - Wiseley Cemetery On Kohler Road between Owl Creek and Burr Oak Roads WA-9 Methodist Cemetery On German Street in New Knoxville WA-10 Olive Branch - Shinebone Cemetery On St. Rt. 219 between Knierim and Kohler Roads WA-11 Pilger Ruhe Cemetery On New Bremen-New Knoxville Road, 1 mile West of New Knoxville WA-12 Resthaven Memory Gardens Cemetery On County Road 33A, between Townline-Kossuthand Glynwood-New Knoxville Roads


WY-1 Berry Cemetery Off a lane at Gossard E Road WY-2 Concord - Payne Cemetery Off Santa Fe Road, North of St. Rt. 67 WY-3 Hopewell Cemetery On St. Rt. 117 at the Hopewell Church2 1/2 miles Northwest of the village of Holden WY-4 Horn Cemetery On St. Rt. 196, 2 3/4 miles North of Waynesfield WY-5 Mars Hill - Morris Hill Cemetery At St. Rt. 196 and Buckland-Holden Road WY-6 Stocker Cemetery On St. Rt. 196, 1/2 mile North of Waynesfield WY-7 Turner Cemetery On Gossard N Road, 2 1/2 miles South of West Newton WY-8 Willow Branch Cemetery Intersection of St. Rt. 67 and Moyer Road 1 mile East of Waynesfield

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